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Matsuda Pops Up in the Arts District

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Fact #1: Japan makes things really, really well.

Fact #2: This is about Japanese sunglasses.

Okay, now that you’ve faced the cold, hard facts...

Ready your face for Matsuda, a pop-up retrospective of sunglasses from the famed Japanese maker of those, now open at Wittmore in Downtown’s Arts District. (You can see them right about... here.)

These aren’t the shades you toss in your car on the way to the beach. They’re the ones you pass down to your descendants. The ones made from 22-karat gold and sterling silver. With hand-engraved filigree on the frames and arms. Made in lots of 100 or less. Some people call them art. You’ll call them sunglasses.

And it’s the brand’s first store in 15 years, so you’ll see about 40 of their styles spread throughout the front of Wittmore on marble pillars documenting milestones in the company’s history. Like a museum. A museum of Japanese sunglasses.

Perhaps you’re interested in those aviators with the silver frames and mirrored lenses. Or the arched, antique-gold frames with polarized brown lenses for beach-adjacent drinks.

Or maybe even the pair they made for Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. They only have two pairs of those.

So, like, three less than there are Terminator sequels.


at Wittmore
300 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


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