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Really Unique Eyewear, Courtesy of London

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Let’s make a bold assumption about you as an Angeleno.

You wear sunglasses.

Great. So you’ll agree with Cutler and Gross, a super-shiny new London import with an unconstrained imagination vis-à-vis your eyewear (they’ve put shades on celebs including Elton John), now open on Melrose.

Here’s how it looks and how you’ll use it.

For nonconformist sunglasses.
You want to bring something new to E.P. & L.P.’s roof. Sunglasses are on the right, running from darkest to lightest. You’ll find standards like tortoiseshell frames and light-blue aviators... and not-standards like big, stop-sign-shaped, Creamsicle-colored shades. They can’t ignore the Bootsy Collins demo on Melrose.

For seeing stuff.
You might go with a classic prescription–Clark Kent vibe, while some YouTube star gets their frames filled with tiny crushed flowers, bug illustrations or glitter. Real full-service operation here.

For your eyes only.
Back in the VIP room, full of vintage frames and Interview covers so you know it’s legit, you could consult on glasses tailored to your face in whatever shape and color you didn’t even know you desired. Then the frames will exist in about a month.

Just in time to see more stuff.


Cutler and Gross
8505 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90069


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