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Blackjack and Meatballs Above Lavo

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The house always wins.

Well, except when the house is equally responsible for delivering you cucumber mojitos and Wagyu beef meatballs.

Then the whole concept of “winning” becomes a little blurry...

Prepare to go all in at Lavo Casino Club. It’s a casino, yes, but it’s also a lavishly decorated nightclub where you can enjoy stiff drinks and Italian food from the eponymous restaurant below. The opening is on Saturday. (Until then, have a slideshow.)

Now, let’s do that thing where you tell us what you want and we tell you how to get it...

“I want blackjack and craps.”
Great, because those are the only games you can play here (for now). Call ahead and you can even reserve a table. One can’t very well reenact that scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest with strangers...

“I want a fancy drink.”
Select one of Lavo’s cocktails—including their much-ballyhooed Liquid Silk Martini—and simply wait for their butler’s cart to arrive at your table.

“I want rabbit ragù gnocchi and lobster bisque.”
We thought so. You can order that here, too, along with anything else from Lavo.

“I want to dance.”
You can dance if you want to.

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