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This Turns Your Pics into Real Magazines

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None Stars. They’re just like you.

They go to Labor Day barbecues.

They jump in the lake.

They photograph themselves doing things in hot tubs that the tabloids would have a field day with.

They self-publish their own magazines with those hot tub pictures before the tabloids can.

Actually, only you do that last one. Because now Recently exists. It’s an app that turns your photos into a physical monthly magazine, and it’s available now for iPhone.

Yeah, we know. Print is dead, yada, yada. Whoever said that wasn’t aware that one day someone would invent a way to transform the pics on your phone into a glossy monthly print magazine. They also likely didn’t know what “pics on your phone” meant.

So just snap away like normal. Sunsets. Your dog looking so damn cute, you can’t stand it. Other stuff. Then you’ll curate the 100 best and most recent shots in your roll. If you like them, you’ll hit “Upload.”

Which all culminates in your mail carrier delivering your new periodical at the beginning of each month. Bonus: you can allow other people to subscribe as well.

Doctors’ waiting rooms will never be the same.

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