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The City’s First Robot Bellhop Has Arrived

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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One day, our robot overlords will command us to fetch their slippers and make them bacon frittatas.

Or whatever breakfast food robot overlords enjoy partaking in.

But today is not that day.

Instead, meet Botlr, a butler, bellhop and expert wingman that also happens to be a robot, reporting for duty this Friday at the Aloft South Beach. (And here he is.)

This guy started out in Cupertino. Then the powers that be decided that he should spend some much-needed vacation time in South Beach. Sadly for Botlr, “vacation” is entirely subjective here.

Because if you happen to be checking into the Aloft for a bit, you’ll spot him navigating the elevators as he makes his way to deliver sundries to each room. You might even decide to summon him for a few beach towels before hitting the shore. He’s the R2-D2-looking fellow with a name tag that says “Botlr.” Also: he’s the only robot on the premises. So there’s that.

But if you’re stepping into the W XYZ Bar for a few casual drinks, he’ll be there, too... as your wingman. See, you can use him to send a cocktail to that comely out-of-towner across the way.

Ladies and gentlemen... science.


at Aloft South Beach
2360 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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