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Aquavit Bloodys and Other Keys to Happiness

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Well, we’re in that final week of August.

Kids are going back to school. Days are getting shorter. You’re starting to forget how to brunch properly.

And then Catalpa Kitchen, a new open-all-day charmer of a modern diner, comes along and makes everything okay again. It’s slated to soft-open Saturday in Logan Square, here’s the slideshow, and here’s the menu.

Now, this isn’t just about brunch. It’s also about a shaded front patio where you can lunch yourself silly on grilled pecorino-and-cheddar sandwiches.

Furthermore, it’s heavily invested in eccentric artwork, woodwork from a 1920s scaffold and lots of antique farm equipment. You and a friend can sit side by side on tractor-seat bar stools and drink local beer and sip fig-vodka Mediterranean Mules and generally do other things no farmer ever did on those seats.

Of course, it’s also a good candidate for easy, let’s-not-get-too-dressy weeknight dinners. Ribeye steak, handmade pasta and double-patty burgers don’t care what you wear.

But yes, it’s still about brunch. Pancetta waffles, chilaquiles, queso fundido omelets—all present and accounted for. And you can fix your Bloodys any way you want, with gin, aquavit, mezcal or whatever else.

Your whole brunching career has led to this point.

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