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There are a couple of things you can do to get in American Ninja Warrior–type shape.

You could hurl yourself over every existing Bob’s Barricade in Brickell during rush hour.

That’s one way.

Or just head to Epic Hybrid Training, a straight-out-of-NYC group-training facility, now open in Brickell. (See the slideshow.)

The owners and coaches here are members of the Spartan Race pro team and have competed on American Ninja Warrior. So if you think you’re in for some quiet time on a treadmill—well, good luck with that.

Because the goal is to get you ready to do stuff like the Spartan Race. And to do that, they’ll be using kettlebells, sandbags, monkey bars and rings in your training. The latter two hang from the ceiling. No barbells, though—just stuff that works on functional movements. So your 45-minute class will consist of intervals at different stations doing stuff like handstands, weighted squats and push-ups with a TRX suspension band.

And when all of the crazy Brickell construction calms down a bit (sometime in November), they’ll start taking your workouts outside and employing the bridge conveniently located next to the gym.

It’s the Brickell version of Everest.


Epic Hybrid Training
620 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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