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Look What Bar Toma’s Done to Itself

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Look, if Spiaggia’s Tony Mantuano wants to close a perfectly good pizza joint for six weeks to radically rework its concept and interior, who are you to argue?

All you’re saying is that he damn well better add some flaming cheese to the proceedings.

Welcome back, Bar Toma. Glad to see you’ve become a more pizza-forward, punch-bowl-forward and flaming-provolone-forward kind of place. And that you’re open right now in the Gold Coast. (Here’s a slideshow and a menu.)

This reboot is dedicated to letting you concentrate on life’s most important matters: pizza and the things you drink with pizza. So away with you, gelato case. Away with you, espresso bar. And, yes, even away with you, little mozzarella bar.

Most of the action is now just left of the entrance. In addition to that grappa-flamed provolone, you get pies like The South Sider or Angie’s Hot Sausage straight from twin pizza ovens named Paulie and Ang. (Don’t get them mixed up. They hate that.)

And the bar still pours frosty mugs of beer and has lots of TVs. But your group can now investigate punch bowls, tableside margaritas and rum-heavy cocktails like The Intern.

Because interns and rum... always such a great combination.

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