Skeptical Investigation

On-Demand Sneaker Cleaning

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
Every now and again, something comes across the UD desks that requires extra scrutiny. And so we scrutinize, extra, for you.

We call it: Skeptical Investigation. (Trademark pending.)

That Clean Yo Kicks will solve the age-old problem of getting your sneakers completely clean (seriously, how is this done?) by picking them up from you, doing magic and then dropping them back off to you.

Get those minorly scuffed Yeezy Boosts ready.

Our trained lab techs visited the site and entered their email address, earthly address, number of pairs of shoes to be unsullied (up to three) and a pickup time.

They then played a proprietary form of poker, drank cheap whiskey and smoked hand-rolled cigarettes, before a fellow named John swung by to grab the beloved-but-heavily-scuffed-and-grease-stained white Supergas.

And back to hard living and waiting for the lab boys. Until...

A white box appeared on one of the lab tables. Grease stains: gone. Innersoles: clean. Outersoles: pristine. The only remaining flaw was a very faded rust stain. Now it’s barely visible. They also included a note and a fresh pair of laces, along with before-and-after photos.


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