The Cycle Continues

Vending Machines with Bike Things Inside

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
You’re a young up-and-comer on the cycling circuit. You’ve got a chip on your shoulder and you’re tearing down a rural Indiana highway...

(You’re leisurely biking west on 21st Street.)

... When the Italian team appears over your shoulder, snarling, gaining...

(When something starts feeling wonky on the bike.)

You suffer a catastrophic tire blowout. Italians overtake you. Frustration. Self-doubt...

(You’ve got a flat. Damn it.)

In either case, Bikestock would come in handy. It’s a network of 24-hour vending machines full of bike parts and donut maps, now available in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

You pop a tire or need a new brake pad, you get to a machine and pick up an inner tube or a patch kit, maybe a multi-tool to loosen and tighten things as needed. You get a coconut water for good measure. You see they’ve also got ramen and donut maps, and it becomes obvious you need those. Then, finally, you’re back on the road.

Roads in Brooklyn and Manhattan, that is. They’ve got three of these machines in Brooklyn and one near Herald Square (here’s a map), with the obligatory expansion plans to come.

We imagine you’ve reached the donuts now.

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