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That’s Venetian for “This store really has a lot of splendid things inside.”

Learn to speak General Admission, an on-point new store overflowing with nice surfboards, surf books and clothes made by pro- and non-surfers, now open in Venice. (See the slideshow.)

Lots of amazing stuff inside. A lot of it you’d be pressed to find anywhere else. You ought to check out...

—Filson’s watches. They’ve got those.

—Garrett Leight sunglasses and some Pendleton towels. The beach is right outside this place.

—Exclusive multi-tools they did with Leatherman.

—Their collaborative matte black Linus bike. They really do like collaborating, apparently.

—Freenote jeans, gray Brooks chambray shirt...

—A 9-foot-3-inch McTavish. Putting the long in longboard.

—Madcap’s Ethiopian coffee. For dawn patrols to come.

—A heavy, sherpa-lined S/Double cotton canvas deck jacket. Winter is coming.

—A black Outerknown sweatshirt. The tag disintegrates in water.

—A waxed-canvas Billykirk carryall.

You knew a Billykirk once. Or a Billy... something.


General Admission
52 Brooks Ave
Venice, CA, 90291


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