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The Triumphant Return of Johnny’s Grill

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As early as tomorrow, Logan Square’s former mainstay Johnny’s Grill will finally become a new restaurant.

And it will... still be called Johnny’s Grill. But it will never be the same.

Here’s why:

The Space
Before: A classic counter-service diner straight out of Nighthawks with pale-pink stools and wooden counters, located next to a florist shop.
After: A classic counter-service diner with the same pale-pink stools and wooden counters that expanded into the next-door florist shop. The result: another dining room, another counter and an incalculable amount of new ferns. (Here’s a slideshow so you can see what we mean.)

The Food
Before: Short-order cooks grilling American classics.
After: Pastry chef Sarah Jordan (of Boka fame) and team prepping made-from-scratch blueberry johnnycakes, housemade pop-tarts and an entire menu meant just for toast (think avocado and Nutella spreads). Right. And dinner with things like fish-and-chips and burgers.

The Hangover Helpers
Before: Black coffee and toast.
After: Black coffee and hot brioche beignets. Also: locally made gin.

Not as good for dunking, though.


Johnny’s Grill
2545 N Kedzie Ave
(at Logan)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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