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Rock Climbing. Massage. Omakase. This Place.

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“Really great rock climbing in Miami. Really. Just great.”

Said no one ever.

But, hey, maybe one day.

In fact, how’s Sunday looking on your calendar?

Work on your grip and then head to Morphe Fitness Studio and Wellness Spa, an athletic training complex offering massages and the city’s first bouldering classes (starting this Sunday). And it’s now open in Little Havana. (See the slideshow.)

Meet Roberto Santamarina. He’s a fitness trainer whose client list has been closed off for a bit. Well, until now. Because he’s moved into a gleaming spread of a space with rows of gravity machines for body-weight-style workouts, a dedicated massage room and steam showers. Oh, and a romper room full of ropes, crash pads and footholds.

See, that last part—it’s where you’re going bouldering. That’s rock climbing without a harness. And Roberto’s going to make sure that for 50 minutes, you’re scaling walls and climbing ropes with the ease of Stallone in Cliffhanger. Listen, we’re optimists.

And after those 50 minutes: an omakase tasting of “shushi.” Yes, “shushi.” That’s what the personal chef on premises is calling his sushi-like rolls filled with stuff like chopped tamales, barbecue pulled pork, black beans and sweet plantains.

Well played, gentlemen.


Morphe Fitness Studio and Wellness Spa
810 SW 22nd Ave
Miami, FL, 33135


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