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The Scarlett’s Cabaret Crew Goes Hard Rock

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Not much news for you today.

Just that the crew behind Scarlett’s Cabaret (you might be vaguely familiar) have gone ahead and created a new gentlemen’s club up in Davie with a passion for all things pole and hard rock called Vixen. It’s now open. And here’s a list of the pertinent details.

1. They’re channeling every glorious ’80s hair-band video ever made.
Note the neon lights, rock posters, drum kit suspended over the room and electric guitars hanging on the walls. (See the slideshow.)

2. It would help if you liked hard rock.
Because that’s what the ladies on stage will almost exclusively be dancing to until 6am. Guns N’ Roses, Kiss, Nine Inch Nails. Maybe you noticed the “almost” in the previous statement. Good catch. There’s also a touch of country. Which makes sense, when you consider...

3. The mechanical bull.
But it’s not for you. It’s strictly for the dancers. Sorry.

4. As are the three poles.
Two of which are sharing the main stage with the bull.

5. If political office is in your future, you’re covered.
There’s a hallway of private rooms for more intimate dances.

Or, you know, catching up on some light reading.

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