The Triumphant and Inevitable Return of Cafeina

Why Nearly a Decade Later, the Wynwood Classic Still Deserves to be on Your Radar

By Ginger Harris ·
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It's Friday night. You're heading out to Cafeina. And no, you haven't time-warped back to Wynwood circa 2009. 

Because Cafeina is new again. And by new, we mean new look, new feel, new sounds, new sights, new nights. But should you be more of the visual type, here's what all of that looks like

And here's a little breakdown of what was then and what is now...

Then: You'd head in with your group on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. Sundays were strictly reserved for recovery.
Now: Same. Except for Sundays. This place needs you on Sundays now, too. Day of rest be damned.

Then: House music. Just... so much house music.
Now: You'll still be dancing, just to more of a mix, up to and including a fair amount of Latin-influenced tracks.

Then: Oh, the tales you'd weave perched atop those chocolate leather couches under that gold chandelier.
Now: You'll do your storytelling on velvet couches in a modern, tropical setting with purple hues creeping through cutouts in teal walls. Though if you'd prefer a more interesting pulpit, there's always the pool table upstairs.

Then: On the sustenance side, the menu was decidedly tapas-heavy.  
Now: There's a new menu with gems like lomo saltado with angus beef, fresno peppers and cilantro. And new cocktails like the Golden Shine and its whiskey, mint and chai.  

As for the garden, some things never change. And shouldn't. 

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