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A Neighborhood Spot That Makes Its Own Beers

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This weekend, we hope you end up somewhere hot, sandy and not in the 60s.

But before then, there’s Thursday.

And Thursdays are for new places called Old Bus Tavern.

You can go other times, too.

It’s a homey neighborhood brewpub that opens on that day up there in Bernal Heights. (Enjoy a slideshow and then enjoy a menu.)

Step inside. Before you: a sectioned-off area lined with wood banquettes, old Navajo rugs and some random pottery. Solid date vibe. But not yet, banquettes. Not yet, pottery.

First, a seat at the long side bar calls. First, a habanero-and-Fresno-chili porter or a Meyer-lemon-basil saison while you note that gloriously cheesy, salty scent just sort of wafting around the place. That’s food.

And if you ask the right person, you might end up plucking beef-salt fries off a plate that also holds a gouda-and-bacon burger.

You’ll eventually want to explore the cocktail situation, too. Try the Route 70 with tequila, pisco and corn water. Or maybe you’ve been having too much corn water lately, in which case there are... a lot of other things.

Classic ending-on-corn-water move.

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