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To start, I’ll have the smoked-trout dip.

Should be a nice prelude to that porcini-rubbed filet.

And for dessert, a bourbon milkshake.

Yep. Checks out. That definitely sounds like something you’d say.

And here’s a good place to say it: The Windsor, a square-jawed, steady-handed option for post-work comestibles and whiskey, opening Thursday in Streeterville. (Your slideshow and your menu.)

You’ll understand this place right away when you pass through its revolving door. Those brick walls. Those tufted-leather chairs in the lounge. Those low ceilings. That mosaic for a pre-Prohibition whiskey. They’re going for the secret-little-neighborhood-lair look. Surely you could use another one of those.

So after work, come. Have whiskey. Perhaps in the form of a New Born—a drink with rye, fernet, maraschino liqueur, OJ and tawny port. Or perhaps in the form of rye-steamed Cape Cod mussels.

And if you decide that, hey, some sort of meat product might go pretty well with this whiskey right now, you could always consider a burger, filet, prime rib or ribeye to test that theory.

You’re nothing if not thorough.

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