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It Behooves You to Escort a Date Here

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Spiaggia got a makeover last year.

You remember: it got bigger. It got better. It got more mozzarella-caviar balloons.

Oh, and look at that. Its little sibling just got a makeover, too.

When pasta cares about its appearance, everyone wins...

Yep. Cafe Spiaggia reopens tomorrow and would like to seduce you with its red-wine-and-burrata charms. Also, these pictures of what it looks like.

We’ll field your questions now:

Interesting. What’s different?
It used to be a comfortable, homey little nook where you and dates would casually twirl bucatini while looking deep into each other’s eyes. Now, it’s more like a smart Milanese spot—marble café tables, black chairs, white leather, brass fixtures—where you and dates will casually twirl bucatini while looking deep into each other’s eyes.

So they didn’t mess with the pasta?
Your gnocchi with wild boar ragù is right where you left it. And they retained the services of their “Maserati of pasta makers,” which churns out things like cavatelli, orecchiette and lumache. So... no, not much messing.

What about the wine?
They’ve branched out of the all-Italian-wine thing by taking the next logical step: the new list only involves female winemakers from around the world.

How is that logical?
How is it not?


Cafe Spiaggia
980 N Michigan Ave
(at Oak)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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