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A Hollywood Hotel with a Lot of Gin and Foosball

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A hotel from France called Mama Shelter just opened in Hollywood, and there’s lots to do inside. So let’s assemble your hanging-out itinerary.

10am: You and a fun someone enter the lobby. There are guitars and Mexican wrestling masks and chalk drawings covering the ceiling. Caffeine should help. As will this slideshow.

10:10am: You’re clutching a Nutella coffee that Intelligentsia made for the little café on your right. And a Farmshop croissant. France, remember?

11:25am: You’re killing it on email in a log chair when your friend points to the oversize foosball table. You cease productivity immediately.

12:03pm: In the restaurant, Benjamin Bailly is making you a burger with cottage fries. He works here.

1:20pm: You’re at the marble bar and you order a Throw Mama from the Train (with gin and yellow Chartreuse). Bring it to your table. It’s an LA-themed Monopoly board.

2pm: You’re on a ladder, getting a closer look at all that maternally minded art on the ceiling. 2pm is not a time to question things. Just keep at it.

4:30pm: Some fun European strangers showed up, as did a few Pimm’s Cups. Everybody’s headed for another round in someone’s room.

5pm: Inside, there’s a Swingers script, a Bible and Keith Richards’s autobiography.

So they’re open to all kinds of religions.


Mama Shelter
6500 Selma Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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