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Like Dining Inside a Monet Painting

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Claude Monet.

Now there was a guy who could paint the hell out of a water lily.

So just imagine the inspiration he’d have found in you eating pulled pork on a patio... while looking at water lilies.

We now come to The Boathouse Café, a bucolic lagoon-side boîte that has only just opened in Humboldt Park. (One majestic slideshow coming right up.)

It’s in that famous 1907 Chicago landmark. And it’s tiny inside, sure. Barely enough room for a handful of tables, a wall of wood and some nautical-looking lanterns. But you’d be comfortable here meeting with clients during the afternoon. Grabbing a burger or a pulled-pork sandwich or something.

This weekend they’ll serve a limited menu, and next weekend: brunch. But as for right now, they have 30 seats outside, and that’s where you’ll want to be with your next day-date.

You and someone special. Those marshy things blowing gently in the wind. You gaze at each other over some sprinkled donuts and coffee. “Hey, are these from Glazed and Infused?” one of you asks. “Yes, but they make this chocolate mousse right here.” You’ll both laugh for some reason.

Inside mousse joke, if we had to guess.


The Boathouse Café
1301 N Humboldt Blvd
(between North and Division)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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