That’s Weird

You. Getting Really Strangely Pampered.

Ah, Miami Spa Month. A time when spas court your favor with ridiculous amounts of pampering. So let’s be honest—your standard Swedish massage isn’t going to cut the mustard. You need something... different. Something that stands out from the pack. These wonderfully strange spa treatments deliver. Boy do they deliver.

A Canine-Friendly Option. Really.

A Canine-Friendly Option. Really.

The treatment: Pampering with Pooch.
The play-by-play: Once you’ve made your way to your rooftop cabana, someone will come to give you a 50-minute aromatherapy massage. And your dog, too. He only gets 10 minutes, though. Dog-year math is crazy like that.
The result: Man’s best friend... for life.

Some Marshmallow-Assisted Pampering

Some Marshmallow-Assisted Pampering

The treatment: Orange Creamsicle.
The play-by-play: First, your body gets polished using a blood-orange-and-white-pepper scrub. Then, your feet are wrapped in a cocoon of marshmallow. There’s a massage in there, too, but point is: marshmallows.
The result: A sudden urge for s’mores.

How You Will Forever Apply Sunscreen

How You Will Forever Apply Sunscreen

The treatment: Shelborne Sun God/Goddess.
The play-by-play: 80 minutes filled with vitamin-C-scrubbing-and-orange-peel-soaking relaxation, followed by a full-body rubdown/application of SPF protection. Assuming you’re okay with all of that.
The result: The Most Even of Tans (trademark pending).

This Caviar Goes on Your Face

This Caviar Goes on Your Face

The treatment: Luxury Caviar Facial.
The play-by-play: Someone slathers a bunch of caviar on your face, massages your scalp with citrus-mango oil and puts some blinis over your eyes. Kidding about that last one.
The result: A notably hydrated (and champagne-ready) face.

Zero-Gravity Pedicures. Yep.

Zero-Gravity Pedicures. Yep.

The treatment: Ultimate Mani/Pedi Combo.
The play-by-play: You’ll be placed in a zero-gravity chair. Your feet will hang suspended in the air. You will feel weightless. They’ll be exfoliated and massaged while you’re in this position. It’ll feel weird. Go with it.
The result: Feeling pretty good about going with it.

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