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Grapes of Wrath

Drink Wine. Hang Out a Bit. Drink More Wine.

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There’s a word for people who will bypass the many wine shops in their immediate vicinity and drive to a new one in Tiburon manned by a guy who calls himself Dr. Champagne.


Wise is that word.

All bridges lead to Tiburon Wine, a dime-size wine shop with a patio that wants you to sit on it and drink on it. It’s open right now and here’s what it looks like.

Maybe you’re on your way to a party in Belvedere and you want to bring something with bubbles. Maybe you’re into Marin grapes. Maybe you’re looking to acquire a few bottles of Bandol rosé.

All valid reasons to find yourself winding up this very specific Tiburon hill and wandering into this very specific wine shop.

Inside: a tin ceiling. A small metal chandelier. And a wine man who, yes, will gladly answer to Dr. Champagne. Talk to him. Walk around. Point at things like a Pey-Marin riesling and a Langhe nebbiolo.

And should you need a few moments, take a glass of white out to the front patio and mull it all over.

An unintentional wine pun is what that was.


Tiburon Wine
84 Main St
Tiburon, CA 94920


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