Fuh Real

Pho and Asian Churros, Together at Last

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You know pho.

You like pho.

You may even pronounce it “fo.”

Hey, free country. Knock yourself out.

But as you also know, it’s pronounced Fuh, as conveniently evidenced by the name of this new noodle-happy quick-serve that’s dishing the stuff out right this very moment in Lincoln Park. (You look like you could use a slideshow and a menu.)

It’s so simple and casual in here. Nothing but a few tables, black-and-white prints of Vietnamese street scenes and the occasional bright-red chair. Perfect spot for that one-on-one lunch you’ve been meaning to have with yourself.

You’ll order at the counter. You’ll choose your broth (chicken, beef or veggie). You’ll choose your protein (chicken, mushroom, beef brisket, meatballs or flank steak). If you just want the noodles and protein—or a salad-y cabbage mix—that’s fine, too. They won’t think any less of you.

But while you’re making decisions, you really should take a moment to consider dessert. Your one and only option: Asian Churros—fried dough strips with sauces like chocolate, honey and sweetened condensed milk.

Churros don’t require a backup option.

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