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Of Course There’s Nutella Pan Pizza

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The North End.

Nick Varano.

This might just be crazy enough to work...

This being Rina’s Pizzeria & Café, a little room with more pizza, porchetta and head-size meatballs than is probably necessary, open now on Hanover Street. (Hello, slideshow.)

Hard to believe, but this is Varano’s first pizza joint. Really. And you’ll find it right next door to Strega.

It’s a narrow room full of wood and some white counters. But all your attention’s going to that glass case full of sausage and porchetta or the big, red-tiled pizza oven that kind of steals the scene.

About that: no slices here. Just 12-inch, Neapolitan-style pies made in about 90 seconds. Sixteen types in all, topped with the likes of pesto and prosciutto di Parma. (Of course you can have a menu.)

But maybe you’re in one of those panini moods. The mood that can only be satisfied by a meatball parmigiana made with the same André the Giant–like specimens served at Strega. Alternatively, you could show up at 7am for pastries, espresso and presumably a friendly morning salutation.

And did we mention the Nutella pan pizza?

If not, we just mentioned the Nutella pan pizza.

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