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A Bi-Level French Charmer in Kenmore

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Your life is missing someone.

Someone French.

Someone who wants to be on dates with you.

Someone who is not someone at all but instead is Joséphine, two floors’ worth of French wonderment where the scallops come with truffle foam and the words “just friends” turn into something else entirely, opening Saturday in Kenmore. (Have a slideshow and a menu.)

Until recently, this was Petit Robert Bistro. Forget about that. Nothing’s left. In its place: many tables of the seats-two variety, solid gray walls and a couple titanic banquettes just in case things were getting too minimalist.

And now, a look into your future:

I. The First Date
This happens downstairs at the concrete-topped wine bar with five stools, where you’ll quickly discover a mutual admiration for chenin blanc and braised veal cheeks. And the films of Terrence Malick or something.

II. The Second Date
An upstairs two-top. An electric fireplace. Unobstructed views of a glassed-off open kitchen. Squid stuffed with merguez sausage. What’s being implied is that these are second-date things.

III. The Post-Third-Date
Sunday morning. You could make eggs at your place. Or settle into a banquette together for eggs benedict with pork belly. There’s no wrong answer.

But there is a better one.


468 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA, 02215


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