Keep on Cluckin’

Brian Poe’s New Piri-Piri-Chicken Joint

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There’s a place where the chicken is hot.

The beer is cold.

And you’ll be sitting around at some comfortable room temperature, we assume.

That place is (awkward pun in 3... 2...) Cluckit, the beautiful union of spicy African chicken and 100 beers, opening tonight in the South End. (Slideshow in motion.)

Your talking points:

This was Estelle’s.
Brian Poe’s Southern joint is gone, but he’s still here. And so are the rows of tables, stainless-steel bar, 30 beers on tap and 70 more in cans and bottles. Oh, but he added a painting of a Picasso-ish snake lady smiling at you, so...

Piri-piri’s the name of the game.
It’s an African chili. You knew that. Also know that it’s the vital ingredient in the marinade responsible for spicing up the chicken you’re ordering by the whole or half, or shrimp or pork loin by the pound or half pound. (Your menu. It’s here.)

Beware the squeeze bottles.
Your table will have four: three piri-piri sauces ranging from mild to medium to scorching, and... lemon pepper basil. You don’t have to beware that last one.

The full menu’s served until 1:30am.
Including the piri-piri chicken wings.

Nothing good involving piri-piri happens after 1:30.

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