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We interrupt your celebrating with... another reason to celebrate.

Goes by the name Son of a Butcher Tavern, a bold exercise in breathing-new-life-into-the-fine-tradition-of-whiskey-filled-corner-taverns, opening Thursday. (Yes, you may have a slideshow and a menu.)

It’s the sort of place that seems to be inspired by the best of Chicago old-man bars. That is, if old-man bars were filled with date-worthy nooks and vintage gooseneck lamps on the tables, red leather banquettes in the back and a chef who’s worked at Michelin-starred restaurants making roasted bone marrow and goat cheese fritters.

Then it would be just like one.

You’re probably familiar with the owner, he of Pearl Tavern fame. But here, it’s more laid-back. You can just sit at the bar and jaw with your barkeep about what kind of whiskey you like, dabble in Chicago breweries like Pipeworks and get familiar with the smoked-cheddar-béchamel burger.

When it comes down to it, though, you’ll count on this as your intimate place for plates of mussels and meatballs, menudo-broth ramen, duck heart nuggets and weekend brunches featuring whole roasted pig served by the pound.

Don’t worry, you can borrow their scale.


Son of a Butcher Tavern
2934 W Diversey Ave
(at Richmond)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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