La Voute Bistro and Bar

The Vault in Our Stars

A Hotel and Bistro in an Old Homewood Bank

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If you require escargot, champagne and a bed to sleep them off in while in the south suburbs, we’ll have some good news for you in a second.

But first, this must be said: you really know how to do the south suburbs.

Now then, enter La Voute Bistro and Bar, an old bank that’s been turned into Homewood’s most Francophilic date spot yet. It opens Monday, and bonus: it’s in a new hotel. (Your slideshow and your menu.)

Here’s the breakdown:

Come For: La Voute Bistro and Bar
Dominique Tougne from Chez Moi will see to your duck confit and pan-seared foie gras needs. The bar has safe-deposit boxes on the wall and stately gilded columns. Spending Father’s Day here and celebrating Dad’s penchant for steak au poivre is probably a good play. And fun fact: the bank had its vault inspected by J. Edgar Hoover himself when it opened in 1925. Now it will host a breakfast buffet. Hoover never would’ve allowed crepes in there.

Stay For: La Banque Hotel
It’s an 18-room boutique situation. Its suites contain such amenities as hot tubs, beds and all the terry cloth robes you could possibly hope for.

And we know your terry cloth hopes run high.


La Voute Bistro and Bar
in the La Banque Hotel
2034 Ridge Rd
(at Martin)
Homewood, IL, 60430


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