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It’s All Legal Here. Just Is.

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And now, let’s turn to America’s first recreational-cannabis resort.

Please take a few moments to reflect upon what was just said.


That’ll do.

Welcome to CannaCamp, a new 170-acre ranch situation where you’ll hike and boat and have the option of indulging in a few other somehow perfectly legal recreational activities. It’s taking reservations now for a July 1 opening. (Hello, slideshow.)

Basically what you have here is nine smart-looking, rustic wooden cabins, all tended by a cannabis concierge who’s in charge of any necessary procurements. You already know it’s in Colorado, so let’s move on.

If that’s your thing, feel free to book one with some friends who aren’t opposed to one or more of the following sanctioned activities:

“Wake + Bake” sessions.
French toast. Breakfast tacos. A bold and refreshing cup of coffee served with a bold and refreshing sativa strain. There it was.

Cannabis massage therapy.
With pot-infused oils and lotions that do the deep-relaxation thing. Might be on account of the massage, but who’s asking.

Happy hour by the bonfire.
After a day of guided hiking through the San Juan Mountains or biking around Olympian-designed trails, there’s daily wine and snacks and... things by the fire. Yes, it starts at 4:20.

Cannabis-pairing dinners.
Filet of elk. Blackened salmon. Their respective green counterparts.

Other activities.
Yoga, bocce, ziplining, pontoon boating...

Good luck getting into that yoga class.

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