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This summer...

Two brothers...

One raised in Jamaica, the other in Chicago...

Will come together over Caribbean flank steak, top-secret mac and cheese and a particularly potent rum punch...

No, this isn’t a Parent Trap reboot.

It’s the true story behind Mr. Brown’s Lounge, a new tropical oasis for fried-snapper lunches, late-night bourbon and anytime-you-damn-well-please jerk chicken. It opens at the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday.

To the fake comment board we go:

“There’s already a Mr. Brown’s in West Town.” —Arthur
Right. But this one’s less dive-y and more... hotel-y. The space is brighter, the bar is granite-ier, and the walls are dotted with Jamaican event posters and album covers. There’s even a DJ booth.

“I assume that’s for not spinning reggae.” —Beth
Oh, Beth.

“Tell me you can still get dry-rubbed jerk chicken, rum punch and the mac and cheese passed down from a generations-old, top-secret family recipe.” —Lauren
You can. But now you can also get Caribbean flank steak and drinks like the N’ Fashion, which is an Old Fashioned with a squirt of their specialty jerk sauce.

“Pretty concerned that my late-night cravings for coconut-curried mussels won’t be sated here.” —Doug

“I portrayed Mr. Brown in my 1992 neo-noir crime film, Reservoir Dogs.” —Quentin
Wrong Mr. Brown.

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