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Whiskey, Dorito Pie and Other All-American Splendor

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Dorito pie and whiskey.

That’s how this all ends, you know. Dorito pie and whiskey.

First the Dorito pie. Then the whiskey.

That’s it. The end. Period.

Just letting you know ahead of time.

Anyway, our story begins at AMK Kitchen Bar, which is sort of like a classic American diner but with way more leather bar stools, Manhattans and images of the Bride of Frankenstein holding an Old Style, opening Wednesday in Bucktown.

Come here anytime you feel like life has become way too complicated and you just want to get in touch with something homey, familiar and/or barrel-aged. The space is a bric-a-brac trove of miscellaneous googaws and gewgaws (yes, those are the technical terms).

Nothing too complicated on the menu front: duck-fat-crust pot pies, buttermilk fried chicken, turducken meatballs and four pizzas, one of which conveniently contains turducken meatballs.

Now, the thing you and your party will probably be most drawn to is that Dorito pie—basically brisket chili over Cool Ranch Doritos. It just happens to pair really nicely with one of their 57 whiskeys.

Any one, in fact.


AMK Kitchen Bar
1954 W Armitage Ave
(at Damen)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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