Give It a Rest

Science Made You a Bed That Talks to Your Phone

Getting tired?

Just a little bit?

Here, lie down on this gigantic computer.

It’s sort of comfy and called Rest, a new almost-too-smart mattress that constantly adjusts during the night and kindly gives you a much better sleeping situation, now available for preorder and shipping late-summer.

So this is probably the most clever bed you’ve ever been associated with. And it appears to be using some blend of science and magic to keep you sound asleep until your alarm goes off. Or the rooster crows, depending on location.

You see, it’s got all these thousands of sensors inside that detect your pressure points. And as you toss and turn and perform REM-cycled renditions of Lord of the Dance, it monitors your movements and increases firmness in areas of needed support. Very supportive.

And in the morning, you’ll yawn and make morning noises and check your sleep data on the accompanying app. It’ll display your movements and how many hours you slept, and basically show proof that each night you turn into Rip Van Winkle.

He slept a lot.


1000 Marietta St NW, Ste 106
Atlanta, GA, 30318

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