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Logan Square’s Taco and Mezcal Setup

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Look up General John Alexander Logan on Wikipedia.

You get a bunch of stuff about his service to his country during the Civil War and how they named a lot of places after him.

Okay. But nowhere, not once, does it mention his influence on the Chicago taco scene.

So look this up: The General, a new place for tacos, whiskey and Civil War history, opening next Wednesday in Logan Square. (Have a slideshow and a menu.)

It’s all old wood and sepia-tone photographs of the namesake general on the walls. Then: candles on the tables. A patio out front. A patio out back. And just like that, the setting for a historic evening of taco consumption is complete.

Mainly, you’ll just stroll in on a weeknight for fried-chicken or catfish tacos and a cold beer. That’s perfectly fine.

But put yourself in the mind of bigger conquests. Shrimp-and-grits chimichangas, perhaps. A smoked–Bloody Mary bar on the weekends. Grab a bottle of vodka and a few limes from their daytime market area up front. Or don’t and go to the bar for a mezcal and honeydew drink called the Emancipator instead.

You knew they’d name a drink that.

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