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Oysters and 50 Brandy Cocktails in FiDi

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It’s your Parisian friend Gaspar’s birthday, and he got you a golden-hued bar filled with foie gras and 50 brandy cocktails.

His birthdays are better than most people’s birthdays.

Just get yourself to the Cognac Room, a new brandy-obsessed cocktail bar inside the Parisian brasserie Gaspar, launching tonight for their first anniversary. Here’s a slideshow.

You know Gaspar and, to some extent, this bar: it’s a quintessential date spot, and almost gratuitously looks the part: low ceilings, dim lighting, gold-and-brass details, leather banquettes. The bar has been tucked inside all along—it’s just, well... matured. Way more into cognac now.

You’ll come with a date who happens to love grape brandy from southwestern France. The menu is pretty dense—basically, this place has the most brandy-based drinks in the city now.

Start with something from Coachman and 15 Romolo vet Johnny Codd, maybe the Judgette (a cognac-gin-absinthe concoction) and a House Old Fashion (with Armagnac and chocolate) for whoever’s beside you.

And then you can get into the flights.

And as evening turns into late-evening, you’ll probably also get into a menu of brandy-complementary items like oysters, foie gras torchon and Le Burger with brie if you want to add it.

Remember that one dark day when you turned down brie?

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