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Freehand Opens in Chicago

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Say the word “hostel” to most people, and they think of backpacking through Amsterdam, communal bathrooms and an unfortunate bunkmate named Günther.

Because they’re always named Günther.

Well, you’re not most people. And this isn’t just any hostel.

It’s Freehand Chicago, an atmospheric hangout for cocktailing, Wagyu burgers and, should the need arise, sleeping. Now open in River North.

This used to be that ramshackle curiosity known as Tokyo Hotel. Now it’s an eclectic, Frank-Lloyd-Wright-goes-bohemian hangout that you’ll come to when you need a fireplace-adjacent corner to discuss Chicago Politics—that being the name of a cocktail made with coconut and Szechuan peppercorns.

Other important things you should commit to memory:

The hostel part: Rooms are affordable (read: small), but when Lollapalooza and Riot Fest come to town, that might be just what the doctor ordered.

The Café Integral part: This is the wi-fi-enabled coffee shop in the lobby where good things happen to single-estate Nicaraguan coffee beans.

The Broken Shaker part: The famed Miami-based cocktail masters have opened a Chicago location way in the back of the first floor. Look for a cartoon octopus on the wall and Cocoa Puffs–infused bourbon on the menu.

Would be weird if it were the other way around.

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