Double Time

A Poutine Place. A Cava Place. And... Go.

None 10 Photos Q-Tine and Bom Bolla
There’s a big weekend barreling down upon us.

So have at it. We won’t keep you.


Should your Memorial Day require copious amounts of poutine and/or cava, we just want you to be ready.

May we present: one new poutine place. One new cava place. Both open now.

The poutine place (pictured left) is called...
Q-Tine. It’s more than poutine, though. It’s also barbecue. They’re calling it Memphis-meets-Montreal. But you’re calling it: that place that’s open late in Logan Square with a modified Airstream trailer inside serving slushy cocktails, smoked-meat poutine, an ungodly amount of cheese curds, plus a fried Snickers on a stick when you really need it.

It’s late in Logan Square. You really need it.

The cava place is called...
Bom Bolla. It’s more than cava, though. It’s Spanish tapas, too—olives, ham, little chorizo. You know the drill. However, there are no matadors, no bulls, no faux Gaudí. Instead, just this whole early-’80s-in-Barcelona-rock-and-roll ethos. See also: mosaics of Debbie Harry and Mick Jones from the Clash on the walls and some early B-52s playing overhead. The bar, with its 20 cavas, sherry cocktails and vermouth on tap, has date spot written all over it.

Good thing you read bar.

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