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A Wes Anderson–Designed Bar in Milan

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Sometimes life imitates art.

Sometimes art imitates life.

Sometimes something happens that’s so inexplicably picture-perfect, you’ve lost all sense of what’s imitating what.

Such is the case with Bar Luce, a pastel funhouse of a drinkery that was designed by Mr. Wes Anderson himself, now open in the new Fondazione Prada in Milan.

Quick rundown of how this all came about: an Italian distillery from the 1910s was transformed into a cultural center. That cultural center needed a bar. That bar needed to be designed by Wes Anderson. Wes Anderson needed it to look like this.

You’ve got your Formica furniture and your veneered wood paneling. Your retro jukebox and your Steve Zissou–themed pinball machine. Your terrazzo floor and your arched ceiling that resembles the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (that’s one of the world’s oldest shopping malls).

So here’s how this’ll play out. You’ll find an excuse to go to Milan. You’ll don some ironic tennis whites, maybe an even more ironic cowboy hat. You’ll take a seat here. And then you’ll...

Have a gin and tonic and some gelato.

Come on, it’s a Wes Anderson bar; there’s no big flashy ending.

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