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Here’s the thing with pop-ups: eventually, you’ve got to say goodbye. Let them go. Set them free.

So they can come back to you with Buddy Lee dolls and beard oil.

Welcome to the permanent Supply & Advise, two floors filled with the sort of rugged, classic and exceedingly rakish gear necessary to navigate the city, now open in Downtown. (Here’s the slideshow.)

Know three things about their new spot: 1) it’s here to stay, 2) the building it resides in was built in 1926 by Henry Flagler, and 3) the military mule is back. Yep, they drove it over from their old spot.

Inside, it’s all wood cabinetry, vintage display cases and loads of military and Americana collectibles with stories to tell. Upstairs: a bar stocked with Japanese whiskey being led into action by a tiny Admiral Yamamoto figurine. Oh, and yes—clothes. Shoes. Bags. Things that may prove useful, like...

—Alden wingtips and Hamilton pressed shirts.

—Southwick suits.

—Baxter of California beard oil.

—Water-resistant duffels by Filson.

—Military shirts from Todd Snyder and Orlebar Brown bathing suits.

Summer’s a battlefield.


Supply & Advise
223 SE 1st St
Miami, FL, 33131


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