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Rakish Spectacles and Sunglasses in Wynwood

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Us: It’s summer.

You: No, it’s not.

Us: Yeah, it is.

You: No, it’s really not.

Us: It’s 90 degrees out. Besides, good reason to tell you about these sunglasses.

Set your sights on Warby Parker Annex, a permanent new shop from the online spectacle wunderkinds, opening Saturday in Wynwood. (See the slideshow.)

Warby’s no stranger here. You might remember their Readery at the Standard a few years ago. Well, they’re back. For always. In a swimming pool.

About that.

See, that’s what their new setup looks like. With aqua-striped floors, “No Diving” signs painted on the walls and a swimming-pool railing leading you into the store.

They’ve got their full collection here for you to try on. Like sunglasses in colors like English oak and bourbon tortoise. And optical frames in greystone and olivewood. But you’ll also find swimming caps and floating key fobs.

Now, those loungers there—lie back on one and look up. Yep, there’s a camera overhead ready to snap one of those “look at me lounging in hot weather” pictures for your northern friends.

They really love that kind of stuff.


Warby Parker Annex
215 NW 25th St
Miami, FL, 33127


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