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Steak and Lobster and Whiskey and Mirth

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It’s a good name. Solid name. Strong name. Makes you think of cold steel, razors and Pierce Brosnan circa 1986.

And presumably this steak-y new restaurant called Remington’s, opening Monday across from Cloud Gate on Michigan Avenue.

It’s from the comfort food specialists behind places like Dunlays and the Smoke Daddy. It’s dark inside, but cozy. Sit at the bar. Sit in those big egg-shaped chairs. Relax.

Obviously the timing works out, because soon you’ll find yourself at Millennium Park for various outings. And when that time comes, you’ll be ready for...

That let’s-shake-off-this-crazy-week feeling.
A Pink Lady awaits you. Oh, come on. Just order it. It’s a classic. Say it loud and proud. Or, you know... just get some good whiskey.

When you’re done playing tour guide at the Bean.
Shrimp cocktails and French dips for lunch. Lobster deviled eggs and pork hash for brunch. And since you haven’t really seen Chicago until you’ve had a Smoke Daddy Bloody Mary, they have those, too.

Those let’s-expense-the-living-sh*t-out-of-this-client-dinner moments.
Champagne. Napa cabs. Oysters all around. Prime rib. Pork chops. And what do you know... an 18-ounce, dry-aged ribeye called The Remington.

Yep. Still a good name.


20 N Michigan Ave
(between Washington and Madison)
Chicago, IL, 60602


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