The Letterman Bumpers

Can’t Find a Letterman

Original Letterman Show Bumpers, Up for Auction

D5d60f8b6617506b7260829600b7293614 PhotosThe Letterman Bumpers
Nineteen days and it all ends.

Hard to believe. Letterman’s hanging it up.

But speaking of hanging it up...

Check out The Letterman Bumpers, the original versions of those droll little art pieces that ran before and after segments in the show’s NBC days—they’re on display for a couple weeks starting Tuesday before going on auction May 31.

These are 22 signed, hand-collaged master C-prints recently unearthed by the guy who created these for the show for 10 solid years.

Here’s a handful. In case you’re considering funnier walls.


The Letterman Bumpers
at Santa Monica Auctions
2525 Michigan Ave, Ste A5
Santa Monica, CA 90404


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