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A Surfeit of Barbecue Finds Andersonville

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Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

That’s... one theory.

Here’s another: Pork Shoppe, an incredible hulk of baby back ribs and Kentucky bourbon planting its smoky-sweet flag in Andersonville starting Friday. (Here’s your slideshow and this is your menu.)

You—being the smoked-meats enthusiast that you are—probably have a nodding acquaintance with a tiny quick-serve joint in Avondale of the same name. Yep, same people.

Here, however, instead of six beers, it’s 40-something. Instead of seven bourbons, it’s three dozen or so. Instead of no cocktails and no servers, it’s easy-drinking libations like Bourbon Shandies and some nice people who will even bring them to you. Real 21st-century stuff.

It’s the kind of place you’ll want to hang out in. Bourbon barrels are the lighting fixtures. The bar is big and comfy. There’s even an old-timey cartoon wolf chasing an old-timey cartoon pig painted on the wall. Doesn’t end well for the pig, we assume.

Oh, and there’s also a big round booth where you’ll chase barbecue pork nachos, St. Louis–style ribs, rib tips and pork belly pastrami sandwiches around.

Ends well for you, we assume.


Pork Shoppe
5721 N Clark St
(at Edgewater)
Chicago, IL, 60660


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