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The Promised Landsby

Before and After the Wineries: Your Solvang Escape

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We’ve got someone for you to meet in wine country.

Danish. So, blond.

And totally into late checkout and stuff.

Meet The Landsby, a huge new timber townhouse that’s quaintly Danish on the outside, cooler Danish on the inside and entirely ready for your next wine country overnight, now open in Solvang. Here’s the slideshow.

First, you and your wine date arrive. Then, other stuff happens.

You’ll explore alternative-fruit booze.
The cozy lobby lounge enjoys making drinkable shrubs with local blackberries, blood oranges and grapefruit. It also has a funny habit of mixing them with gin, bourbon and rum. Funny traditions in these parts.

Two words: fancy gravlax.
The restaurant’s called Mad & Vin. Sometimes it gets a little Danish on everyone via juniper-cured salmon and breaded pork chops. But there’s also pinot-noir-braised short ribs. Wine. Keeps pulling you back in. (Here’s the menu.)

And maybe a tower suite.
After some wineries, some shrubs, some short rib—you might want to just laze around in your heavily Scandinavian, sufficiently blond-wooded and lightly leather-trimmed room. The two-floor tower suite has a fireplace and wet bar.

You may need to visit the wine concierge in the morning.
He needs to pick your brain about something.

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