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The Shedd Aquarium of Seafood Restaurants

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Right now, there’s a fish happily swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

It seems blithely unaware that you two have a lunch date tomorrow.

Don’t worry. Someone will get it there on time...

That someone: C Chicago, a luxurious new palace of startlingly fresh seafood that opens tomorrow in River North. (Here’s the slideshow.)

It’s in the former Keefer’s space, and it’s basically what would happen if Chicago Cut were combined with the Shedd Aquarium.

Let’s see, you’ve got the smartly dressed waitstaff, a chef who was the number two guy at Le Bernardin and a surefire place to ply clients, dates, foreign dignitaries, celebrities, bankers and celebrity-bankers with caviar, lobster and some really fancy sauvignon blanc. Also, your mom will like it.

But beyond the pizazz of it all (and we didn’t even mention the flying copper shark above the bar), the fish is serious business. You’ll find turbot in a salt-dough crust, Scottish salmon, thinly sliced scallops served on their shells. And yep, it’s all flown in daily at 6am.

Now, let’s talk about the aquarium. It’s 2,60o gallons and 26 feet long, it will house exotic Caribbean fish, and it was designed by the guys from that reality show Tanked.

Oh, like you’ve never seen it.


C Chicago
20 W Kinzie St
(at Dearborn)
Chicago, IL, 60654


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