Sault and Catch Fire

The Best Vintage Stuff Sault Could Find

None There you sit.

Thinking about your total lack of sculpted John F. Kennedy heads.

Those days are over now.

What we’re getting at is Curated Vintage by Sault New England. It’s a new collection of vintage finds with a soft spot for shellfish-themed belt buckles and our 35th president, and it’s available online now.

As the name suggests, this is the handiwork of South End haberdashery Sault. Its owner has scoured the far-flung corners of New England looking for anything that might make people feel faint pangs of jealousy while in your living quarters.

Let’s take a closer look at the goods:

That sculpted JFK head from 1964.
Ask not what this head can do for you, but what you can do for this head.

A tiny model ship inside a glass frame.
Break in case of a bathtub-flooding emergency.

A ’70s brass belt buckle shaped like a mussel.
Don’t get weirded out if strangers try to open it. Maybe get weirded out.

A wood-carved fisherman and barrel.
It’ll come in handy. Somehow.

A small porcelain JFK bust.
No such thing as too many JFK sculptures.

Three might be pushing it, actually.


Curated Vintage by Sault New England

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