Slide the City

Let It Slide

You Versus a Colossal Waterslide

None Slip ’N Slide: nice.

Slip ’N Slide party: even nicer.

A party with a 1,000-foot Slip ’N Slide plopped into the middle of a city: get the hell out of here. That doesn’t exist.

Oh, but it does. It so does.

The proof: Slide the City, a one-day celebration featuring you, floaties and a 1,000-foot waterslide, taking place in Davie on May 2.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to doing this thing:

1. Decide what kind of slider you’re going to be: one who dips their toe in the proverbial water once or one who goes for a day of limitless sliding glory.

2. Then, register here.

3. On the morning of the event, eat something fortifying. But probably not those chimichangas.

4. Pack your water gun and manatee floatie.

5. Show up at registration. Don the mouth guard you’ve been given.

6. Do one or all of the following during your journey down the 1,000-foot padded slide:

a)   Acknowledge that this is ridiculous.
b)   Unleash your selfie stick.
c)   Option b was a trick.

7. Conclude your sliding festivities for the day. Listen to some live music. Grab some food. Drink a beer.

8. Aw, f**k it. One more time...


Slide the City
at Vista View Park
4001 SW 142nd Ave
Davie, FL, 33330

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