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Whiskey Cheese and Alligator Hot Dogs: Here

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1) “We’ve got too many fat ducks waddling around this city like they own the place.”

2) “Whiskey cheese. That’s our justification. Whiskey cheese.”

3) “Well, I worked at Hot Doug’s. So I made this.”

If any of those thoughts went into the opening of Hot “G” Dog, you don’t know and you really don’t care. What you do know is that it’s open now, and that this slideshow will make you need it.

Yes, it’s a hot dog place with a Hot Doug’s vet in the kitchen. And yes, foie gras, alligator dogs and weekend-only duck-fat fries are involved. But ultimately, it’s just a humble lunch-only joint (though, there’s talk of a future liquor license).

And you may need a little guidance on the menu. So...

For Beginners
Chicago-Style Hot Dog
Why: It’s your celery-salt-sprinkled calibration point.
But warning: This is an all-hands-on-deck-type hot dog. By which we mean use both hands. Use both hands.

For Intermediates
Chicken-Apple-Cranberry Sausage
Why: Applesauce crème and pecans are a nice touch, but pour hot whiskey cheese on anything and magic happens.
But warning: We’ll let you know if we think of anything...

For Experts
Duck Sausage with Foie Gras Mousse
Why: It’s a sincere homage to Hot Doug’s.
But warning: Your détente with the ducks may soon be ending.

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