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Meat, Lobster and Beer in Lincoln Square

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Bad news, Lincoln Square. Bad Dog Tavern is kaput.

Good news, Lincoln Square. It’s now Mash.

Yes, it’s that classic bad news, good news, smoked-meat news situation.

The same people are behind it. They just felt it was time to put some gently used wood on the walls, better beers behind the bar and a hickory smoker in the kitchen. (As evidenced by this slideshow and this menu.)

They still have that magnificent patio (reopening next week), flagstone floors and the liberal bring-your-dog-to-the-bar policy.

But you’ll find that the back bar area is more like a Northwoods cabin, where you and your friends will grab a party booth with its own TV and watch basketball while you slap each other on the back and make merry.

The rest of your night plays out over lobster rolls and cold-smoked burgers. Though, you’ll also see daily oyster selections on the chalkboard, so you should probably start with those.

And since they now have 29 local beers on tap, you should probably have one of those, too.

And since they have Mezcal Make Me Wobbles—a fernet-and-IPA cocktail garnished with pork-belly-wrapped jalapeño...

You found the theme.

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