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You Now Drink Grappa from Oyster Shells

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Well, this is interesting.

Last night, a few people opened some sort of seafood-and-rum escapade in Logan Square.

Those people: the guys behind Scofflaw.

That escapade: Sink | Swim.

The upshot: hard to say, really. So let’s explore three likely scenarios in which something like this could really come in handy.

Scenario 1: You’re taking the gang out for oysters.
This place has zeroed right in on the big-booth equation for group dining. Pile onto one of those teal benches and start with a round of resentin for the table—that’s an oyster served with a shot of grappa that you’ll sip from the empty shell. From there, your night will be cast upon a sea of a gin-cured salmon, fish-and-chips and white Negronis.

Scenario 2: You’re taking one special person out for caviar.
A table by the mid-century fireplace, a little caviar on toast, some prosecco and a thrift-store painting of a crusty old sea captain (that classic romantic setup). Your night drifts along as you feed each other beef-and-oyster tartare and clam pasta.

Scenario 3: You’re taking yourself out for some $3 rum at the bar.
It’s the PBR of the high seas.

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