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Probably the Nicest Ping-Pong Tables Ever

What’s made of aged wood and raw steel, deploys leather in unexpected places and has your name on it?

Well... nothing.

And you’re not happy about that.

That upsets you.

So you should probably un-upset yourself with the Polite Table Tennis Co., future forgers of your sturdy, wooden, fully customized and unnecessarily eye-pleasing new ping-pong table, now online.

Now that you’re acquainted, let’s fast-forward to you taking a break for a quick pickup game.

You approach a handmade table topped with two inches of Baltic birch, 100-year-old-oak accents and a leather-and-canvas net. You pick up your fine-grain-walnut-and-cork racquet and casually loft a ball over that net. It billows ever so gently.

The process repeats itself many times, because that’s how ping-pong happens. Then, you win. In slow motion. Then you go, “I won.”

But before all that happened, you went to their site to see what you were working with. They’ve got two premade models. And sure, they’re nice (related: the price is... not competitive). But maybe go ahead and customize your own instead with a photograph printed directly on the wood.

Some ideas: your company logo. Your name in various fonts. Your face.

You can, so you probably should.

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